Raiders of the Obsidian Sun

Awakening, Part 1

The Year of Priest’s Defiance
190th King’s Age

* * * * *

You enter the arena with the excited roar of the crowd. They are thirsty for blood… yours. You are the criminals condemned to death and the crowd calls out for carnage and death. The execution team across the arena stands ready to please the crowd, the cheering grows louder as they are named. The announcer speaks, his voice psionically amplified over the stadium. The tension builds as you await for the word that seals your fate.


* * * * *

You leave the arena the same way you came in—surprisingly—on your feet. The crowd cheers your bloodthirsty efforts in dispatching the execution team. As the noise fades into the distance, you cannot help but smile at the modicum of new respect the guards are showing you.

“You will fight again today,” says one guard. He smiles and motions to another guard to pay him. “You won me a few coins, I had a feeling about you.”

Your weapons are removed and you are back in cells, but there is noticeable improvement your treatment and living conditions. They even let you keep your trophies. You are being treated as gladiators. The food is only marginally better.

“The crowd is demanding the return of the criminals that survived the execution squad, you better get ready,” says the guard. You are taken to the staging area and led out to the arena floor.

The opposite gate opens and you heard the barking noise of the small, but deadly, jhakar. They race towards you…

* * * * *

Bruised, battered, some unconscious, you return to your cells after the fight with the animals. You have bite marks all over. The halfling, Ostrad, was left in the arena, his blood had already stopped pumping by the time the inix was put down. You won a victory, but not a triumphant one.

“Congratulations,” the guard is smiling, “another victory! And good riddance to that cannibal! This one’s next!” he motions to the gnoll and laughs. “Great day! A full week of games left, you’ll be seeing much more action!” He waves a bag of clinking coins as he locks your cells and walks away.

You realize it must be the Festival of the Cooling Sun. A whole week of fighting lies ahead.

DM Notes:

For defeating the execution team in Grand Melee (level 3 encounter), you each receive 145 XP. You also receive 40 XP each for Crowd Favorites (level 5, complexity 1 skill challenge). Those who gained a success in the skill challenge received a +1 bonus to attack rolls for the next encounter, until they were hit.

For Release the Hounds (level 5 encounter), you each receive 185 XP for defeating the jhakar and inix. Ostrad is killed when he bled out on the arena floor, first character death.

After your two battles, you have garnered some favor in the arenas of Altaruk. You each gain 200 gp Altaruk Arena Glory Favor (DSCS 211).

Please create a character and mark him dead or deceased if one of your character is killed.

Information about the Festival of the Cooling Sun and Athasian calendar is on page 15 of the DSCS.

— — — — —



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