Raiders of the Obsidian Sun

Awakening, Part 2

The Year of Priest’s Defiance
190th King’s Age
Festival of the Cooling Sun

* * * * *

(Summary pending.)

DM Notes:

Nok gave you a potion fruit of healing before your next fight and asked that you bring him a trophy. See DSCS 116 for an explanation about potions.

You defeated the craud in Locust of the Sands (level 2 encounter) and took some trophies.

Bringing craud remains to Nok put you in his favor. He gave you 2 augmenting whetstones (level 6) and agreed to ferry Arena Glory Favor requests for you.

You failed to sway the guard in Convincing Greed (level 3, complexity 1 skill challenge) and he sabotaged your equipment for the next fight.

You defeated Kra’yat the Butcher in The Champion (level 2 encounter). You took his obsidian greataxe, 2 stone handaxes, but could not remove his armor in time. You failed to improve the crowd’s disposition, Working the Crowd (level 3, complexity 1 continuous skill challenge) during the fight. You each gain 100 gp Altaruk Arena Glory Favor.

Nok led you out of the arena and onto the street. He gave you a final potion fruit of healing before sealing the secret passageway.

From there, you decided to blend into the crowd and make your escape through the northern gate. You succeeded at Escape Uncertain (level 2, complexity 2 group skill challenge), only to reach gate after it closed.

An dwarf agent of House Wavir approached you and offered you an escape and a job. Return at dusk or replacements will be found (extended rest).

Very creative and imaginative use of skills and descriptions for your skill challenges. You receive 525 XP each for the session, bringing your total to 895 XP for the campaign.

— — — — —



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