Raiders of the Obsidian Sun

Interlude 1

The Year of Priest’s Defiance
190th King’s Age
Festival of the Cooling Sun

* * * * *

You slip away from the gate as the crowd grows and the yells to the guards increase. The sounds of battle from the east, punctuated by the thud of impacting rocks, roars on. High sun is approaching and your next thoughts are to find shelter from the sun and any wandering guards. You pull your “borrowed” cloak closer and look for a hidden corner to get some rest.

* * * * *

The corridors are made from smooth obsidian, jet black and unyielding. Every turn you make draws you further into the Maze. Spirits flit inside the walls, white echoes and silhouettes stir the flat surfaces.

It is cold, colder than the desert in the dead of night. You can feel the chill down to your bones. You do not know how long you have wandered this labyrinth, but you are hopelessly lost now. Your only hope is to find the center, find the pieces, find the escape. Find the Sun…

…or die.

* * * * *

You wake with a start. No more memories of your past surface in your thoughts, but the dream remains vivid in your mind. The suns have begun their descent and you realize nearly six hours have passed in slumber. It is nearly time to meet your House Wavir admirer and leave Altaruk behind. You peek outside your hiding place and blend into the flow of light traffic.

Somewhere in the Obsidian Maze, a crack forms in the perfect walls.

DM Notes:

The first adventure, Awakening, is now complete. You have the option of bringing in a new character or keeping your current one. Except upon death, there are no character switch points for this adventure.

The new Character Builder is now equipped with Dark Sun options. By consensus dice rolling, use 17 16 15 13 12 10 as your ability scores, for either existing or new characters.

Prepare for The Vault, next session!

— — — — —



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